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How to Improve Company Culture

Company culture has become increasingly important among the modern workforce. Here is how to improve yours.

Habits of a Healthy Business Owner

Power advice from Bigham Jewelers Owner Kathy Bigham.

Developing a Difference

In the digital age, Atilus is poised to take on new heights.

Podcast: Mastermind, Episode Seven

Heather Christie chats with Samira Beckwith of Hope HealthCare Services.

Millennial Women Choose Entrepreneurship Over Corporate Jobs

Many young women have left their corporate jobs to pursue their own businesses, a study says.

Six Things That Kill Employee Morale

Want a healthy, happy workplace? Eliminate these habits.

How to Help Your Workers to Think Like Leaders

Help your employees adopt a CEO mindset with these three suggestions.

Should Employee Salaries Be Revealed?

Publicizing wages may lead to some benefits.

Podcast: Mastermind, Episode Four

Presenting "Raising the B.A.R.," the second episode of Mastermind, a podcast hosted by Heather Christie featuring local business leaders.

Podcast: Mastermind, Episode Three

Heather Christie chats with Christin Collins in the third episode of Mastermind.

Wowing the Wealthy

Power advice from the Naples Winter Wine Festival co-chairman.

Using Connections

Q&A with the CEO of the Cape Coral Community Foundation.
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