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What’s In Your Bag?

What Zimni CEO Deric Cahill brings to tech support calls.

Craig Hildebrand

ZIMNI CEO AND FOUNDER DERIC CAHILL is like a one-man band. “More often than not I’m doing everything” at the tech-support company, he says. Whether

he’s helping individuals set up electronics in their home or giving community presentations on internet security, there are a few items Cahill always has on hand. He’s pretty streamlined, though. Everything fits in his pockets, so he doesn’t even need to carry a bag.

1. Obstructures A3 aluminum wallet ($42, obstructures.org): “The coolest thing I carry around is my wallet. It’s made of three pieces of aluminum and it’s RFID-protected, meaning no one can scan my cards and take the numbers off them. It also has a built-in bottle opener.”

2. iPhone 6 (from $549, apple.com): “I bring [my phone] everywhere with me. ... I use it to facilitate scheduling, answer [company] phone calls, or navigate to a client’s home or community.”

3. Cross nitro blue edge pen ($50, cross.com): “It’s just a good, solid pen. If I lost a BIC pen I wouldn’t really care, but this is an important tool that I carry. I really like writing with it.”

4. Wedding ring: ($50, etsy.com): “It’s made of a Kentucky whiskey barrel that someone bought and reclaimed into a ring. I’m not really into huge, high-dollar things. When my wife, Brooklynn, found this ring, I looked at it and was like, ‘that’s just so awesome.’” 

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