3 Questions to Ask During an Interview

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There are some things you should avoid asking during your first interview, such as questions about salary and benefits (that comes during the negotiation process), and whether or not your internet activity will be monitored (you hiding something?).

However, asking some slightly difficult questions during the discussion can help you better understand a position or company. Here are some topics you should not be afraid to touch on during an interview, from Fortune.

Position history

Interviewers will likely highlight the positive parts of a job before delving into the negatives, so it’s your duty to really explore some of the low points. Ask the interviewer about struggles people have previously faced in the role you’re discussing to allow for more honest answers.

The interviewer’s experience

Asking the interviewer about the least favorite part of his or her own job may seem a bit forward, but not only can the answer reveal more about the company’s expectations, it can also tell you whether you are able to offer a solution if you are hired.

Improvement opportunities

Online research can only offer so much about the company you’re interested in, so you need to find out whatever else you can during the interview. Here’s your chance to ask the interviewer about the primary thing he or she would change about the business. The answer to this question can uncover the company’s true values and tell you whether or not they align with yours.

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