3 Reasons Why Business Ideas are Often Ridiculed

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If you’ve ever had a business idea but have been too afraid to share it, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

You see, many of today’s most successful enterprises—from Spanx to Google—started out as thoughts that were criticized by outsiders. The difference between those businesses and yours? The entrepreneurs behind them didn’t let fear or uncertainty take over.

If you share a new business idea with others, you’re going to be met with a few laughs. It’s inevitable. Sure, it’s difficult to face these disbelievers, but knowing where their mockery stems from may help you move past it.  

Here are the three main reasons why ideas seem laughable when they’re originally shared, from Entrepreneur.

1. People are going to be wary of unproven business models, but having an original idea can make you stand out from others who are constantly trying to one-up their competitors with similar offerings.

2. Most people don’t have the ability to predict widespread change, but when new trends hit the market people tend to adjust to them. It’s what happened when Steve Jobs first introduced a touchscreen keyboard for the iPhone, and it can happen with the new features your business may include.

3. It’s difficult for people to grasp your venture’s full potential when you’re operating off a small-scale model, but it’s necessary for you to do so in the beginning in order to manage and profit from your business. Even if it seems like you’re taking baby steps, if you keep at it, eventually you’ll be able to employ larger-scale tactics.

Moral of the story? Don’t worry so much when you’re the only one who can see the big picture. If you’re consistent in your self-belief and dedication, others may eventually come around. (And if they don't? Just remember Bill Gates co-created a business that failed before starting the world's largest software company. First-time failure isn't a curse.)


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