Andrew Twetan


As a Florida native and third-generation contractor, Andrew Twetan says he grew up on construction sites and received a hands-on education in the business. Today, he applies those lessons building high rise construction and beachfront homes as a partner of Connor & Gaskins Unlimited LLC (CGU).

“I focus on creating an effective team to provide each project with innovation and hands-on solutions. For CGU, it’s important that each employee identifies as a part of the team for each project,” Twetan says. “Our goal for each client, no matter the project’s size, is that they walk away with a successful project and a desire to work with the CGU team again on their next project.”

In his free time, Swetan is passionate about giving back to the local community with organizations such as Young Life. Believing the future relies on the strength of the community’s youth, his goal is to help young people build genuine, long-term friendships with mentors and other young adults, outside of social media and societal pressures.

What are your future aspirations?

Professionally, I want to continue creating a community with employees and clients through a team approach that includes innovation and collaboration.