Michael Hushek’s father passed away at a young age, but his lessons remain intact with his son.

“I can still hear him telling my brother and I as children, ‘there are 5 P’s to get you through life: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance,’” Hushek says.

“As we got older and into our careers, it is amazing how simple of a phrase it is and how significant it is in life as well as your career. I guess they were right, we really do turn into our parents!”

That advice has served Hushek well in his role as fixed-based operator manager at Naples Aviation. The airport is a busy place, and he has to juggle several duties, including serving customers.

“He’s established himself as a vital team member with an invigorating and contagious passion who leads first by doing and stops at nothing to deliver results,” says his nominator.

Hushek also looks for opportunities to engage his staff, invest in their development and help them succeed. He recently hired an 18-year-old aspiring pilot, starting her out as a ramp assistant and grooming her to become a line technician over the summer, so that she can offset college tuition costs while also gaining relevant, on-the-job experience that will help further her future career goals.

Hushek has his pilot’s license and enjoys amateur photography from the air. He is also a member of the Naples Botanical Gardens and enjoys spending time walking around the gardens, photographing the ever-changing gardens, and attending the seminars.