When Stephanie C. Gomez was a commercial banker, she used to tell clients to “take the time to have a solid foundation for their company, as that was the base of whatever they were building.” Now that she’s building a company from the group up, “I realize that it takes a lot of work and discipline and it is easier said than done.” She continues: “But if anything is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to do it right.”

Many ups, downs and unknowns come from starting a new company, Gomez says, be she’s learned to seek guidance when needed. “There is no room for pride in this journey,” she says.

Gomez seems to be doing things right. Under her guidance, Stabilized Steps earned a third place Innovative HME Retail Product Award and a New Product Pavilion Providers’ Choice Silver Award at the 2017 Medtrade trade show in Atlanta.  These awards recognize the new product’s ability to provide quality of life enhancement to the users, which is the passion behind her work.

Gomez likes to spend quality time with her husband and her young son, going on walks, watching movies, playing cars with him and reading books.