Veljko Pavicevic


Veljko Pavicevic, general manager and co-founding partner of Sails Restaurant, arrived in Naples as a teenager, spending 1997 as an exchange student from Montenegro to attend Naples High School.

It was then that he forged strong relationships in the community that eventually led him back, wanting to create his American dream business in Naples.

Following his position in management at The Ritz-Carlton, hotels and restaurants across the globe tapped his talents and expertise for coaching their service staff. Then came Sails, which is inspired by his Montenegrin grandmother, where he’s focused on product excellence by sourcing best available ingredients worldwide.

The Fifth Avenue restaurant, where he works 18-hour days, has won multiple awards for its cuisine and service.

“It’s all about doing a little extra in everything you do. The Extra rep, extra inch, extra mile becomes a success in the long run.”

Veljko enjoys running and living a healthy lifestyle. Classic car restoration is another one of his hobbies.