5 Desk Items to Up Productivity

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Sitting at your work desk 40 hours a day, five days a week can get dull rather quickly, but certain items can liven up the space and help you stay alert and engaged. Business Backer has listed 12 objects in particular to keep at your desk for improved productivity. Our five favorites are below.

Sugar-free gum

Do you already keep a stash of Orbit at your desk to chew after lunch? If so, you may notice it keeps you from feeling fatigued after your midday meal. Research says chewing gum can boost concentration, so feel free to pop in a few more pieces throughout the day.

Gaming keyboard

If you’ve ever used a gaming keyboard, you know how many shortcut possibilities there are. Switch out your gloomy grey typing tool for a sleek gaming board that offers more options. You can customize shortcuts via the keyboard to complete tasks sooner.

Peppermint oil

Don’t knock the power of essential oils too quickly—research shows peppermint scents can help your mental performance. Putting some small drops behind your temples and on the nape of your neck can be particularly effective, says Business Backer.

Air plant

The color green is associated with power and health, among other things, and exposure to it can result in greater productivity. Air plants are striking but not overly distracting, plus they purify the air around you and are easy to maintain.

SAD light

It’s difficult to benefit from the shining Florida sun if your desk is near little to no natural light, but using a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) therapy light can lift your spirits. These types of lights work best in the morning, Business Backer says, so flick on the switch for the first 30 minutes of the day. (It’s wise to consult doctor before purchasing one of these fixtures.) 

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