8 Signs of a Bad Employer

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Sometimes the job hunting process can be so tiring you just want to jump at the first offer that comes your way. However, a bad employer can make you regret that decision soon after. Mediabistro reveals eight warning signs of not-so-great leadership to help you during your screening process.

The job details are hazy

If the interviewer cannot concretely describe aspects of the job, such as career development, pay, culture, work/life balance and benefits, there is reason to be suspicious of what they are really offering.

The interview process is disorganized

If your interview date keeps changing, your application gets lost, or you cannot get ahold of the interviewer to reschedule, chances are the institution is run in disorganized fashion, which can add unnecessary chaos and stress to any job.

The follow-up is delayed

The hiring process usually takes time, but any follow-up email or call you may make in the meantime should not go ignored. This may speak to the employer’s lack of ability to communicate.

The follow-up is too rushed

You should be weary if you’re asked to start the job almost immediately after you’ve finished interviewing. Sure, it could mean your meeting with the hiring manager went exceptionally well, but more than likely it means the employer is desperate to fill the position with anyone remotely capable.

The interview is one-sided

An interviewer who barely leaves you the chance to speak about your strengths and credentials is an interviewer who does not take the hiring process seriously.

You don’t meet the team

Depending on the establishment’s size, you may not be working everyday with the person who is interviewing you, so meeting the people you really will be working alongside with helps to determine if you are a match for the company’s culture. If the employer does not offer to introduce you to the team, ask if it is a possibility before you start.

You don’t see the office

It’s just as important to see your potential workspace as it is to meet your coworkers to get a feel for the overall environment. If the employer does not allow you to see either, there may be something he or she is hiding.

The duties don’t make sense

If the hiring manager cannot explain to you exactly what you will be doing, or if the duties he or she is asking of you seem to require a full team rather than one person, it could mean the employer is unsure of how to run the department you are applying to.

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