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What’s In Your Bag?

Matt Love, fire chief, Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District, shares what's in his bag.

When people think “fire chief,” they may envision someone constantly responding to emergencies. Not so, says Matt Love of Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District. “A fire chief is a lot more like a CEO than anything else,” he says. But a CEO on the move.

1. The bag: Samsonite Leather Flapover ($139.99, shop.samsonite.com)

2. Dell laptop and Microsoft Surface tablet (new from $189.99 and $599.99, bestbuy.com): “I need to have my laptop, tablet and a hotspot to set up an office anywhere I go.”

3. “Fave Forms”: Each of his team members fills out a form of his favorite items, to use when Love honors them.

4. Motorola two-way radio (varies, motorolasolutions.com): “I never go anywhere without my radio. Dispatch will page me with big events that I would want to know about, so I always listen in.”

5. Identification cards: Love carries fire department and emergency ID cards to gain entrance to key places during a crisis.

6. Starbucks Gold rewards card (members.starbucks.com): “I am a Starbucks junkie, and I have the goal to take each member of our team to coffee, one-on-one.”

7. Fire House coin (firehousecoins.com): “[These represent] a cultural tradition in the fire service. I always keep one close.” 

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