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On The Job: Putting some awe in the law

Jacqueline J. BuyzeJacqueline J. Buyze has always been proud of her profession as a lawyer. (Currently she operates Jacqueline Buyze Mediation Inc.) But in 2007, a nephew—who was eight at the time—said something she found unsettling. After telling her that his neighbors were bad people who belonged in jail, he said, “Well, you’re a lawyer, so I guess you’d just get them out.” A few months later, still worrying about her nephew’s outlook on the legal profession, Buyze began composing what would later become her children’s book, A Story of Lawyers, which outlines the different types of attorneys and provides a general overview of their work. It can be purchased by visiting astoryoflawyers.com.

What do you hope to achieve by writing these books?

Initially, I really wanted to provide information to my nieces and nephews and educate them a little bit about what I do and lawyers in general. But, since it became an actual book, I really hope it will educate young and old alike a little bit about lawyers. Most adults don’t know about law and the profession.

Why did you write it in rhyme?

First of all, that’s how it came to me. I think that in truth, we all loved Dr. Seuss growing up. The thing [readers] love about it is the rhyme and the rhythm. I think rhyming is timeless and it’s pleasant to hear. I didn’t plan to write this book, it just came out.

It’s rumored that in the book you feature some of your colleagues. Who are they and why did you include them?

I wrote the book to honor my colleagues and friends who deserve to be honored. A lot of them will never have stories written about some of the wonderful things they’ve done. Jeffrey Fridkin and Rachael Loukonen represent the civil lawyers; Jeanne Seewald and Charleen Ramus Jaffe represent the corporate lawyers; Constance Shipley, Monika Ludwig and Diane Preston-Moore represent the estate planners; and Richard Grant, Helen Athan and Michael Biondo represent the real estate lawyers.

Any other books in the works?

The next one out is called A Story of Lawyers with Views from the Bench, and it’s going to be about the judges. Their role in our system of democracy is as gatekeepers of our system of justice. The other book that is coming out is called A Story of Lawyers Raising the Bar, and it’s about all of the volunteer work that we do and the pro-bono services we provide, legal aid and some of the different organizations to help the poor.

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