10 Retirement Planning Mistakes

These 10 financial mistakes can be avoided with careful planning.

Retirement may seem like the ultimate reward for 30-plus years of hard work. Suddenly comes more time and freedom to explore personal interests, granted you’ve prepared for the means to do so.

But that’s not always the case. Forbes contributor Matt Carey says baby boomers often make 10 major mistakes when planning for retirement. Here’s what they include:

1. Paying too much in fund fees

2. Paying more than necessary in advisory fees

3. Attempting to time the market

4. Not making a transition plan for old age

5. Not tracking spending

6. Not planning for life expectancy

7. Not claiming Social Security wisely

8. Not creating a will or estate plans

9. Taking too much at once from a pension

10. Focusing on assets more than income

However, there are ways to avoid these errors. To view some proactive solutions, click here