2017 Global Business Forecasts

Forbes predicts next year's business trends brought on by the sharing economy.

The way we do business globally is changing as we know it, thanks to businesses like Airbnb and Uber that helped pioneer a sharing economy. And in 2017, the trend will only continue to evolve.

As we dive deeper into a more collaborative economy next year, Forbes says entrepreneurs should be aware of the following:

Quality will exceed quantity

Creative commerce will not keep a business afloat on its own. Startups will be expected to continually enhance and give back to society in some way.

Shared infrastructures will change the traditional business cycle

Shared infrastructures and ecosystems will be created to drive efficiency and creativity.

Brands and consumers will continue to collaborate

Community members will initiate commerce based on their needs and desires to buy products from people they trust.

Customer service will become critical

Customer-centric companies need to have strong backup systems to keep a loyal clientele. Whether it’s through 24/7 help or product tutorials, companies need to be able to address and fix the concerns of customers immediately.

Business will have more cooperative ownership

More people will seek to partially own or invest in small companies and work together for greater possibilities.

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