2018 Workplace Trends

Take note of these top three workplace trends for a better year ahead.

The year is coming to a close, and pretty soon businesses will be embarking on plans for a better 2018. Along the way, it will be important for companies to stay on top of business trends, in order to spot new opportunities for development. Here are three top workplace trends for the coming year, identified by Forbes.

Employers will encourage more face-to-face interaction among workers in order to build creativity, even if remote programs are in place. One way to do this is with more physical meetings or video conferences. (Here are some tips on how to hold a better meeting.)

As self-guided online learning programs continue to develop (think LinkedIn Learning and edX), hiring managers will continue to accept these types of credentials in order to access a greater pool of talent. Some professionals are even opting to take these courses in place of traditional education in order to escape high tuition costs, Forbes reports.

Millions of job openings across America are currently unfilled because companies simply cannot find enough qualified candidates, Forbes says. More businesses will focus on upskilling and retraining staff members, so they can continue to evolve with customer demands.

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