5 Effective Recruiting Strategies

Hook potential applicants with these tactics

Best case scenario: You publicly post a job opening and within hours your email is inundated with promising applications.

Realistic scenario: You publicly post a job opening and it takes weeks—even months—to fill.

It’s not because people aren’t searching, suggests a recent Forbes article. Sometimes job seekers aren’t biting because job listings appear unclear, requirements seem impossible to meet, or the application process is too complex.  

But all hope is not lost. Forbes lists five ways to streamline the recruiting process for better results (and less grief for managers and applicants alike).

Simplify internet job postings

More job seekers turn to the internet for openings than any other medium, but it can be a headache for candidates to create online profiles or fill out additional information that is already apparent on their resumes. Don’t make eager applicants jump through hoops to apply—a quick, user-friendly process may generate more leads.

Broaden some requirements

Just because an applicant is not certified for certain technical skills does not mean he or she cannot demonstrate them, given the chance. Specified time limits may also deter promising leads. Consider asking for “proven leadership expertise,” Forbes says, instead of a timeline.

Eliminate some requirements

Find out what skills team leaders view as a definite must, then post the top skill requirements followed by desired traits. Finish this section with a short sentence about the internal workplace culture.

Ask for recommendations from employees

More than 90 percent of top-performing professionals are referred to a job by a contact. Employees should be alerted of position openings online for the chance to recommend a possible fit.

Make it a team effort

An HR professional may be in charge of hiring, but the team who will work with the new hire could be extremely helpful in the recruitment and interview process. They can showcase the workplace culture and help determine whether a prospect could fit well within it.

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