5 Innovator Traits Bosses Should Be Aware Of

Here's why employers should utilize their most innovative workers.

Innovators tend to have unique problem-solving abilities that can greatly benefit a business if given the opportunity. Here are five traits that distinguish innovators, according to Entrepreneur, so you can spot these individuals within your company and tap into their talents.

They realize needs in the market

Innovators are able to identify market needs and come up with out-of-the-box solutions for these issues, and they have the potential to recognize a void in the marketplace before a consumer even realizes it.

They develop specific solutions

Once innovators spot a resolution to a problem, they work tirelessly to refine it to meet current and future needs.

They take risks

Introducing a fix for a previously unidentified issue comes with a set of risks, including failure, but innovators are willing to take the chance on something they’re passionate about.

They are imaginative

Innovators dream up possibilities that go beyond practical measures of business to create new results.

They are impactful

Innovators do not wish to create products just to make them available; they want to inspire people and transform the way things are done.

Next time you notice employees exhibiting any of these traits on a company project, hone in on their ideas and make it easy for them to share and develop their new perspectives. If you keep an open mind, their thoughts can lead to solutions that set your business apart from others.