5 Ways for Small-Business Owners to Stress Less

Take control of your worries with these tips.

Running a small business can come with a constant set of worries, whether it’s about money, growth, or daily operations.

Here are five ways to handle that stress, from Entrepreneur.

Celebrate the positive by focusing on all the things you’ve done right in your business. When you’re putting all of your emotional energy into what’s wrong, stress will only continue to grow. Consider keeping a running list of all your company’s accomplishments and milestones, so you remember how far you’ve come.

List your tasks in order of importance. Focus on completing top tasks first, instead of saving them for later, so you can get the largest issues out of the way. Here’s a tip to help your prioritize daily activities.

Jot down your thoughts when you feel like you can’t escape them, especially when you're off the clock. By writing down whatever is going on in your mind, you can relax and refer back to certain issues later.

Step away from issues momentarily in order to clear your head. Sometimes it's difficult to come up with solutions when you're thinking so much about them. Taking a short break can help you refocus and even keep you from burning out. 

Practice self-care. Don’t let simple things like eating nourishing food, drinking water, or exercising get away from you. It can be difficult to prioritize these things when you’re constantly moving at full speed, but your health is paramount to your success.

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