Business Website Must-Haves

Here's how to organize your website information for the best results.

Websites are vital for businesses of any industry to reach potential clients. But oftentimes, having a web presence isn’t enough. Customers turn to websites for specific information on a business, and it’s the company’s job to design content that is concise and easy to find. Here are some key elements every business website should have and where they should have them, according to an infographic from U.K. Web Host Review.


This is the place for your logo, primary contact information, and clearly labeled navigation bars.

Above the fold

The most important promotional information should appear at the top of the website, just under the navigation bar, so it immediately stands out. Fundamental business information, such as the company’s address, should appear below. Testimonials can also be added here.

Below the fold

This is where the main features of the business should go—product descriptions, services, blogs, and more.

At the bottom

Save the last part of the homepage for links to the about, contact and FAQ pages, plus business hours, social media buttons, and newsletter sign-up options.  

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