Content Marketing Do's and Dont's

Tips for effective content marketing.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, content marketing options are boundless. Your business can improve customer engagement with blog posts, live streams and more, but only if you are communicating effectively.  

Here are some content marketing do’s and don’ts to ensure you’re receiving the best reaction from target audience members, from SEO1Click.

On pushing your brand:

Don’t be too sales-oriented by overemphasizing products, services, or your overall brand.

Do be informative, educational and entertaining in your message.

On your audience:

Don’t write about general topics or miss addressing issues your target customers may be facing.

Do research target audience challenges and focus your content on how you can solve those issues.


Don’t focus solely on keywords or hyperlinking.

Do be conversational and base topic ideas on keyword research.

On post frequency:

Don’t post irregular content or overwhelm your audience.

Do develop a strategy and schedule for what type of content to post and when.

On design:

Don’t overwhelm with unformatted text or text-only posts.

Do separate text with images, videos, headings, subheadings and more, for easy reading and greater engagement.

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