Experiencing Regular Success? You Might Be Getting Too Comfortable

Here are four signs you might be hindering your company's growth potential and what to do about it.

Success is as wonderful as it is frightening. Once you have it, you don’t want to risk letting it go, which can in turn restrict your creativity and lead you to just keep doing what’s comfortable for your business. Here are some signs you might be inhibiting your company’s growth potential, and what to do about it, from Entrepreneur.  

You’re experiencing constant achievement

It’s great to have consistent success in your business, but hitting your goals every time can mean your plans just aren’t ambitious enough. Challenge your company with some larger ideas and open yourself up to mistakes. No experience is a failed experience, as long as you learn from it.

 You’re doing it all yourself

It can be difficult to relinquish control sometimes, but it’s essential in order to run your firm most efficiently. Hire executives that can lead certain aspects of the company—such as finance or technology—so you can handle the parts you know best.

You’re ignoring digital possibilities

Basic websites and social media pages are essential to all businesses these days, but you can take your presence a step further with strong content marketing. Produce regular posts on your digital channels and find online publications you can contribute to. Doing so allows you to reach a greater audience and become an authority in your field.

You’re sleeping soundly

 Yes, we all need a good night’s sleep in order to operate at our best, but if you’re able to shut down at the end of the day without thinking about how to make more of an impact tomorrow, you might be getting too comfortable. Dream up ways to take risks in your job so you don’t risk losing your drive.   

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