How to Combat Depression in the Workplace Naturally

A recent study says this could significantly uplift moods.

Depression is a real issue plaguing the workforce. In fact, it costs employers more than $44 billion annually in lost productivity.

There is hope, however. Neuroscience research has identified a natural way to combat side effects of depression: meditation coupled with aerobic exercise.

It’s no secret these two activities are good for the mind and body, but a recent study reported by Inc. says combining both in a certain order can actually create and save new brain cells, which in turn uplifts moods.

The key is to begin with 30 minutes of focused meditation and end with 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise at least twice a week. Study participants living with Major Depressive Disorder saw a nearly 40 percent decrease in symptoms after doing so for eight weeks.

All the more reason to encourage healthy practices in the workplace.

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