How to Start the New Year with Momentum

The trick is to get a head start at the end of 2016.

Here we are, at the tail-end of the year, or, according to a recent Entrepreneur read, the perfect time to plan ahead for success in the next. Below are several ways to do so.

Start by reviewing goals from late 2015, and don’t get discouraged over what you weren’t able to accomplish. Instead, think about how you can execute those plans in 2017. Start small and plan for what you can likely accomplish each quarter.

Begin your goals now. It may be nearing year’s end, but there’s no need to delay plans until the first of the new year, especially if they are plans to adopt or break certain habits.

Take a brief rest. Getting a head start is a good thing, but everyone needs a little break to absorb what occurred within the year. Take the last week to recharge your batteries and tie up any loose ends.

Make healthy choices. While enjoying the break, be careful not to overindulge. Starting the new year off with post-holiday fatigue will only make you feel like you’re dragging yourself into the first few days.

Set clear objectives for personal relationships. Build on your personal relationships while you build on your business for a healthy balance of work and life. It can eliminate outside stressors and help you forge ahead.

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