Seeking a Job? Just Became Employed?

Here’s why you should wait to update your LinkedIn account.

When you first seek or land a job, your instinct may be to update your LinkedIn account. But you might want to postpone any revisions, Mediabistro says.

According to the job listings site, changing your headline or resume details at the beginning of your job search may attract recruiters, but if you’re still employed somewhere, it can also send a negative message to your current boss. Wait to update your public profile until after you are already deep into your job search.

If you do need to make changes, adjust settings so your current network (read: boss or coworker) is not notified of them.

As exciting as it may be to update your profile once you do land a new job, Mediabistro also suggests holding off until about a week or so. It’s important to first test the environment and make sure the new position is a good fit before announcing it publicly.

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