Should Employee Salaries Be Revealed?

Publicizing wages may lead to some benefits.

Some employees find it difficult to be satisfied in a job that pays market rate, a PayScale survey suggests. They may often wonder if coworkers are earning more.

Transparency in pay can reassure employees they are being treated fairly, according to a recent Fast Company read. Studies show sharing salaries can also boost employee satisfaction, increase productivity, encourage retention and help fight gender bias, the article states.

It also gives employees the chance to prove their worth, and lets employers explain their payment decisions to valued staff.

But there could be some drawbacks to making individual incomes public; employees can still feel undervalued if they do not feel their wages are justified compared to others.

It’s a sensitive topic, but employers can find different ways to share information that fits their company culture and beliefs. It’s just about finding a level of transparency that works for everyone.

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