Should Your Business Build an App?

What business owners should ask themselves before creating an app.

Many companies have enjoyed further success with the help of their own mobile apps. In fact, the mobile enterprise software market is expected to reach an estimated $63 billion by 2020. But while it might seem like a great idea to dive into the market while it’s hot, business owners need to carefully evaluate whether that move is right for them.

Here are some important questions business owners should ask themselves before deciding to create an app, according to Entrepreneur.

Would the app solve a problem or simplify a process?

Obviously, the app needs to serve a clear purpose. It does not need to be a big one, nor does it need to be long-term, but if it can make the audience’s experience easier, it has value.

Would customers actually use it?

Speaking of audience, business owners need to imagine exactly who will be using the app. Is the targeted demographic tech-savvy? Always with a phone in hand? In need of quicker customer service or interested in regular special offers? If customers do not already rely on their phones for similar things, chances are they will not be interested in changing up their methods now.

What will keep customers coming back?

Twenty-three percent of apps are used once before they are forgotten, Entrepreneur says. What will make this app different? There needs to be a consistent draw in order to keep consumers interested.

What is the competition doing?

Business owners should take note of whether or not others in the industry are utilizing apps and how they are doing it.

Can competitor apps be improved?

App ideas do not need to be new, they need to be better. If business owners see that competitors are utilizing apps but feel they can improve the offerings, there is an open opportunity to try.

These aren’t the only important questions to ask. Technical aspects and accessibility also need to be considered. More information on those types of questions and more can be found here.