Six Types of Leadership Styles

and how to handle them

Gulfshore Business recently wrote about a matchmaking business that pairs executives with compatible assistants. And, it turns out, different personality types have a lot to do with the level of harmony in the workplace.

There are many ways for executives to lead, but those methods don’t always work for everyone. Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, has identified six common leadership styles, in addition to tips on how to work well with them.

Below we highlight the six dominant personality types as detailed by Hay Group, their key traits, and ways for employees to manage them, according to the consulting firm.  


Known for: providing the big picture of the business, telling team members to work toward that vision
How to approach: confirm boss’s vision, demonstrate how to get there


Known for: encouraging collaborative, friendly environments
How to approach: avoid making work conflicts personal


Known for: helping employees succeed by developing personal skills
How to approach: take constructive feedback well, be open to identifying strengths and weaknesses


Known for: seeking obedience, focusing on corrective feedback
How to approach: provide details, do everything asked the way it’s asked


Known for: focusing on new ideas and commitment-building
How to approach: actively participate in team discussions


Known for: high performance standards
How to approach: exercise all capabilities, be trustworthy and consistent

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