Why Music in the Office Works

Melodic sounds can improve mood and ease fatigue.

People have differing opinions about music in the workplace. Some believe it’s distracting or inappropriate, while others believe it’s a necessity.

While there are certain things to consider before cranking up the radio in the office (like what type of music is played and how loudly it’s played), doing so can actually strengthen the brain and ease fatigue among workers, a recent Inc. article suggests.

Music also has the ability to reduce sensory input, improve mood and concentration, and increase motivation, Inc. says.

If you’re an employer thinking about streaming songs in your workplace, consider playing them for an hour or two to test how workers react; if you’re an employee, be sure to throw on your headphones so as not to distract others around you.

It also helps to be mindful of the genre you’re listening to in relation to the job that needs to be done. Here are some suggestions on the right type of music to play.

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