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From the Desk of...

...Lucy Costa, President of Promotional Incentives Inc.

Alex Stafford

Lucy Costa is president of Promotional Incentives Inc. Since 1990, the firm has been “Getting Results,” as its tagline says, for companies and organizations in varying industries in Southwest Florida and the United States with products such as logoed apparel, awards, business gifts and premiums.

Costa grew up in Manchester, Vermont, attended the University of Vermont and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in advertising in the College of Journalism. The Cape Coral resident has been involved in numerous sales, marketing, public relations and nonprofit organizations since 1987.

1. Postcards from Leoma Lovegrove’s Bealls product line launch and VIP event. I’ve been a fan of Leoma’s artwork for 20-plus years.

2. Keep Calm and Give On spiral notebook from Southwest Florida Community Foundation Women’s Legacy Fund.

3. One of the oldest and favorite promotions we did for our company, Promotional Incentives custom kaleidoscope (the logo is in the design as well as on the base).

4. The original “claymation clan”— California Raisins, Domino’s Noid, Gumby and Pokey (Gumby and Pokey are still
in existence, the others are advertising history).

5. PI Gumby—iconic promotional item that kicked off our 21st anniversary and became the catalyst for an ongoing successful promotion.

6. “On Lion” plush and shopping cart to encourage customers to make our web- site one of their favorites.

7. “Ms. Bossy Pants” vase—my husband says it’s symbolic of my iconic position with hands on hips bossing people around.

8. Reprint of Gulfshore Business ad showcasing 300-plus logos we’ve imprinted on promotional items since 1990.

9. Two calendars—one from my investment adviser and our annual calendar gift to clients.

10. Cherished message from a friend ... “It’s a rare person who can take care of hearts while also taking care of business.” 

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