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Cool Apps

Business contact and collaboration is made easy with Inigo and Fuze.

Fuze app


Collaborate with others from any device and
any location with the Fuze app. Whether you use an iPhone, Samsung, Mac or Windows, share presentations and meetings with others through this high- definition video tool that is free and easy to use. Fuze makes communicating easy and convenient for every member of your team—so easy that it’s almost impossible to miss a meeting again. fuze.com.


Leave your wallet feeling lighter with digital business cards designed on
the Inigo app. Create a personalized contact page that represents your personal brand and allows connections to contact you and members of your team easily. Inigo eliminates the stress of memorizing contact information by collecting and organizing the important details of each introduction. Pricing is free of charge for solo business professionals and $5.49 for team collaborations seeking more customized features. inigoapp.com.

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