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Cool Apps: Pushover and 1Password

No more missing notifications or password trouble with these apps.

If you rely heavily on several electronics
to run your business, chances are you receive multiple notifications
and messages via your different devices. For instance, you may have
a meeting scheduled on your desktop computer that isn’t recorded in your Android phone, or an important reminder only marked within your iPad. Pushover puts all your notifications in one place so you never miss an alert, no matter which device you’re checking. The app integrates with dozens of others for easy transfers and comes with a free weeklong trial. $4.99. pushover.net.

—Melanie Pagan

Ever stare blankly at a login screen requiring
a password you can’t remember? 1Password keeps all your passwords secured and stored for you, right at your fingertips. As the name implies, you only need to know one master password to unlock your other passwords and logins. $2.99 per month. 1password.com.

—Tess Raines 

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