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Podcast: Mastermind

Evolve to Win: Episode 61

Methodologies: Part three of seven hidden motivators.

Evolve to Win: Episode 60

Knowledge: Part two of hidden motivators.

Evolve to Win: Episode 59

Do you know what really drives you to take action? Part one of a seven-part series.

Evolve to Win: Episode 58

Isn't it time you introduce your employees to each other?

Evolve to Win: Episode 57

Why you should set yourself up to fail.

Evolve to Win: Episode 56

Are your rockstar employees slipping away?

Evolve to Win: Episode 55

The benefits of getting yourself into conscious thought and why we don't do it more often.

Evolve to Win: Episode 54

Rules of the game

Evolve to Win: Episode 53


Evolve to Win: Episode 52

Resetting your goals.

Evolve to Win: Episode 51

Our best year-end ritual.

Evolve to Win: Episode 50

The single most effective meeting you can have with your team.

Evolve to Win: Episode 49

Evolve to Win: Episode 48

How is Your Social Media Etiquette? LinkedIn Do's & Don'ts.

Evolve to Win: Episode 47

A new way to get connected.

Evolve to Win: Episode 46

Keeping company culture alive.

Evolve to Win: Episode 45

The physiology of high emotion

Evolve to Win: Episode 44

Can't find good people? Benchmark for the job, not the person.

Evolve to Win: Episode 43

Afraid to speak up at work? Learn how to find your voice and increase your influence.

Evolve to Win: Episode 42

Build relationships to advance your career—not your technical skills.

Evolve to Win: Episode 41

Leadership from the frontline.

Evolve to Win: Episode 40

What if being good enough is good enough? With Jessica Pettitt.

Evolve to Win: Episode 39

Why time blocking doesn't work (and how you can fix it).

Evolve to Win: Episode 38

Discipline and self-leadership with Tina M. Ekblad

Evolve to Win: Episode 37

Positioning is everything.

Evolve to Win: Power Planning Podcast Part Four

The last installment of the Power Planning Podcast series.

Evolve to Win: Power Planning Podcast Part Three

It's time for the next edition of this four-part series.

Evolve to Win, Episode 34: Power Planning Podcast Part Two

Your answer is a vital step in the path towards successful power planning.

Evolve to Win, Episode 33: Want better results? Join our Power Planning Podcast Series

Join Mark Sanborn and Heather Christie on this four-part Power Planning Podcast Series to create more results, more predictably and more enjoyably.

Evolve to Win, Episode 32: Three Minutes to Building Your Business

Use this three-minute strategy to develop your client base.

Evolve to Win, Episode 31: Dynamic Adaptation

Explaining the dynamic adaptation model.

Evolve to Win, Episode 30: The Most Valuable Lesson I Have Ever Learned

The importance of having a vision for your personal and professional life.

Evolve to Win, Episode 29: The Business of Business with Scott Fischer

Business lessons learned from the man behind Scott Fischer Enterprises.

Evolve to Win, Episode 28: Shake Your Money Maker

Why your handshake is your most important business tool.

Evolve to Win, Episode 27: Your Best Opportunities Are Under Your Nose

Don't miss an opportunity just because you're seeking success elsewhere.

Evolve to Win, Episode 26: Interview with Theo Etzel, Part Two: Recapitalization and Succession

Conditioned Air Chairman and Partner Theo Etzel discusses recapitalization and succession.

Evolve to Win, Episode 25: Interview with Theo Etzel, Part One: Progression in Business

Conditioned Air Chairman and Partner Theo Etzel discusses leadership and more.

Evolve to Win, Episode 24: Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Children with Sierra and Bailey Lardinois

Part two of how to give your children the gift of financial freedom, with Sierra and Bailey Lardinois.

Evolve to Win, Episode 23: Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Children with Lynette Bailey

Guest Lynette Bailey shares how to give the gift of freedom to your children.

Evolve to Win, Episode 22: Your Emotions are Negatively Impacting your Performance

Your emotions can negatively impact your performance. Here's how to control them.

Evolve to Win, Episode 21: Serial Entrepreneurialism with Connor Gillivan.

Connor Gillivan, CMO of FreeeUp, discusses serial entrepreneurialism.

Evolve to Win, Episode 20: You Can't Be a Great Leader Unless You Find out What They Really Think of You

A lot of time the feedback you get from your team is the feedback they think you want to hear.

Evolve to Win, Episode 19: Surround Yourself with Leaders

One way to surround yourself with leaders? By volunteering.

Evolve to Win, Episode 18: Why you Need Vacations

Vacation time matters. Here's why.

Evolve to Win, Episode 17: Your Leadership Lid

You need to be more intentional with your growth if you want to increase your results and effectiveness.

Evolve to Win, Episode 16: The Tool That Will Help Your Team Get it Right Every Time

A checklist can help take the headache out of your day and make you more efficient.

Evolve to Win, Episode 15: Useful, Valuable, Enjoyable Brands with Bruce Turkel

Guest Bruce Turkel is a master at making brands more valuable.

Evolve to Win, Episode 14: Innovative Thinking with Keith Harmeyer

Author, speaker, and innovative-thinking catalyst Keith Harmeyer shares his story and tactics.

Evolve to Win, Episode 13: Authentic Selling with Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is the creator of the Authentic Selling® process, which has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue and new business for her clients.

Evolve to Win, Episode 11: Reinventing Yourself, with Dr. Gayle Carson

Dr. Gayle Carson has built a company from zero to seven offices, 350 employees, and worked with more than 1,000 clients in 50 different industries.

Evolve to Win, Episode 10: Leaders: Your Open Door Policy has Created a Productivity Nightmare!

Don't panic. Here's what to do when productivity is suffering due to your open door policy.

Evolve to Win, Episode 9: Non-verbal communication with Melinda Marcus

Melinda Marcus shares her expertise in non-verbal communication patterns that are key for professionals to understand.

Evolve to Win, Episode 8: Protect and Preserve Wealth with Michael Benson

Michael Benson has been an advocate for his clients in helping protect and preserve wealth for almost four decades. He shares with us his solution-oriented approach.

Evolve to Win, Episode 7: Getting out of the Funk

Having a tough time? Here's how to get through it so you can get back to business.

Evolve to Win, Episode 6: Leadership Purpose

Heather and Paul Christie discuss leadership purpose.

Evolve to Win, Episode 5: Trust is Built on Meaningful Conversations

Hear why trust and meaningful conversations are important for the workplace.

Evolve to Win, Episode 4: Albert Montegrano - Team Building and Leadership

An army veteran talks team building and important leadership lessons.

Evolve to Win, Episode 3: Breakdown to Breakthrough

Heather and Paul Christie talk about how to embrace breakdowns.

Evolve to Win, Episode 2: Nutrition for Busy People

In this episode, Heather and Paul Christie chat with Chad O’Connor of Fresh Fit Foods on entrepreneurialism and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Evolve to Win, Episode 1: Be Intentional with Your Engagement and Growth

Business coaches Heather and Paul Christie discuss how to be intentional with your engagement and growth.

Episode 49 - When You Can't Escape the Storm, with Glenn Frith

Glenn Frith continues to share his experience with Hurricane Irma and the life-altering aftermath in part two of two interviews.

Episode 48 - Maintaining the Flight Plan, In the Middle of the Storm with Glenn Frith

ACI's Glenn Frith shares his experience with Hurricane Irma and the unexpected that followed.

Episode 47 - The Power and Importance of Meditation

Heather Christie shares her journey with meditation and urges others to give it a try.

Episode 46 - Is Digital Addiction Stealing Your Productivity?

Heather Christie shares how to cut out digital distractions and focus on your business.

Episode 45 - How NOT to Create Strategic Alliances and Referral Partners

Heather Christie lays out the importance of strategic alliances and referral partners for entrepreneurs.

Episode 44 - The Power of Focus

This trick can help you prioritize your daily tasks.

Episode 43 - Lessons in the storm: On the road home after Hurricane Irma

Heather Christie returns from a “hurricane hiatus” to record this live-on-the-road podcast.

Episode 42 - Finding Your Passion Point with Gail Markham

Show host Heather Christie chats with Gail Markham

Episode 41 - The Power of Focus with Kathy Feinstein

Heather Christie chats with Kathy Feinstein, a licensed mental health counselor and sport performance consultant.

Episode 40 - Qualities of Leadership: The Definiteness of Purpose

Heather Christie discusses definiteness of purpose as an essential quality of leadership.

Episode 39 - Are You Being Heard? With Darren LaCroix

World Champion of Public Speaking Darren LaCroix shares what it means to be heard and how you can get there.

Episode 35 - Top 7 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Conference

Seven strategies to get the most out of your conference.

Episode 38 - Commitment to Personal and Professional Growth

Heather Christie discusses commitment to personal and professional growth in this week's Mastermind.

Episod 37 - Qualities of Leadership: Confidence

Heather Christie talks about confidence in the second installment of the Qualities of Leadership series.

Episod 36 - Qualities of Leadership: Focus

This episode of Mastermind begins a series on the qualities of leadership, with a discussion on focus. Christie highlights the critical nature of focus for leaders, especially in an era of constant distraction. She encourages listeners to evaluate some of the areas discussed in one's own life, to determine what's working and where improvement can be made.

Episode 34 - 7 Steps for Better Public Speaking

Heather Christie offers seven steps for better public speaking.

Episode 33 - The Importance of Intuition with Teri Hansen

Teri Hansen, president and creative director of Priority Marketing, joins Heather Christie in this episode of Mastermind.

Episode 32 - It’s Gotta Go: Delegating for Leaders

In this episode of Mastermind, Heather Christie “deep dives” into delegation for leaders. She covers the reasons why you’re likely not delegating already, and tells you how to determine which tasks and projects should be left for you to focus on at any given time.

Episode 31 - How Details and Deadlines Matter with GATES Chairman, Todd Gates

In this episode of Mastermind, Heather Christie is joined by Todd Gates, chairman and founder of GATES, a fully integrated construction management, general contracting and design-build firm with offices in Florida and the Republic of Panama.

Episode 30 - Do You Celebrate Your Wins?

Do you celebrate your wins? Or beat yourself up over what's not done right?

Episode 29 - The Power of Publishing with Pat Iyer

Heather Christie finds out why publishing can be good for business.

Episode 28 - The Three Ring Circus of Fundraising Auctions with Scott Robertson

Heather Christie chats with benefit auctioneer Scott Robertson about fundraising auctions.

Episode 27 - Empowered Women Empowering Women

Brenda Tate, community volunteer and president/founder of the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, discusses with Christie her lifetime of service dedicated to supporting and empowering women, especially female entrepreneurs.

Episode 26 - Simple Steps to Measuring Your Success

Heather Christie shares simple steps to measuring your success.

Episode 25 - The Seven Laws of Networking

Heather Christie discusses the seven laws of networking.

Episode 24 - Serving Leaders with Diana Willis

Jason’s Deli of Southwest Florida co-owner Diana Willis talks core values and servant leadership.

Episode 23 - How to Increase Employee Engagement

Heather Christie talks employee engagement and the true cost of disengagement in the latest Mastermind episode.

Episode 22 - Scott Burgess Interview

In this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie, Christie is joined by Scott Burgess, CEO of the David Lawrence Center. From his beginnings as an entry level vocational counselor at Alexia Brothers Center for Mental Health, to Executive Director and now CEO, Burgess is driven to help people achieve. Listen in as Burgess shares some of the ways he continues to do that.

Episode 21 - Mastering Mind State with Gary Greenfield

In this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie, Christie is joined by Gary Greenfield an author, speaker, trainer and Mind State Mentor. They discuss how mood affects actions and how leaders can apply that knowledge in their own work and in their management of projects and people

Episode 20 - The Seven Motivators

In this episode of Mastermind, Heather Christie talks about why we do the things we do. Not just how we interact with our world and colleagues but why we do. Understanding these motivators will not only help you drive toward your own goals, but better manage employees or subordinates and better understand coworkers and supervisors.

Episode 19 - Dean Piccirillo Interview

Heather Christie chats with Dean Piccirillo, principal at HBKS Wealth Advisors and senior financial advisor.

Episode 18 - Strangers on a Plane

Stranger interaction can make a big impact.

Episode 17- Greg Newell Interview

In this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie, Greg Newell shares a powerful story about how a family hardship helped him truly change his business and personal life for the better. Listen on iTunes or Spreaker.

Episode 16 - What Do You Need to Start and Stop Doing?

In this episode of Mastermind, Heather Christie provides three strategic questions that will help you to get your goals back on track if you have lost your focus. Listen on iTunes or Spreaker.

Episode 15 - Ed Wollman Interview

“Do what you do best and delegate the rest.” In this episode of Mastermind, Heather Christie speaks with Ed Wollman, President of Wollman, Gehrke & Solomon, P.A. Wollman emphasizes the power of focusing on your strengths and delegation in order to maximize personal and professional growth.

Episode 14 - Delegation

Delegation is one of the biggest opportunities to increase the amount of time and space and freedom we have to focus on the highest and best use of our time. In the latest episode of "Mastermind," Christie shares a proven and efficient step-by-step system to help business owners and executives delegate tasks.

Episode 13 - Sarah Owen Interview

What does LeBron James teach us about leadership? This interview with Sarah Owen, president and CEO of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, will reveal that and more about innovation and what it means to be a servant leader. Listen here or on Spreaker.

Episode 12 - Maria Jimenez-Lara Interview

Maria Jimenez-Lara is the CEO of the Naples Children & Education Foundation, founders of the Naples Winter Wine Festival (January 27-29, 2017). Running such an incredible organization and fundraiser (which helps tens of thousands of at-risk children), is no easy task. In this episode, Jimenez-Lara shares with Christie some of her leadership methods.

Episode 11 - Feedback

In this episode of “Mastermind,” Christie provides useful tips and exercises for giving and receiving feedback. She also teaches how to implement the Marshall Goldsmith “FeedForward” exercise.

Episode 10 - Alan Weiss Interview

In this episode of "Mastermind," Million Dollar Maverick author Alan Weiss shares how you can build self-esteem and achieve your goals by moving yourself away from the herd and creating self-validation.
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Best of Business

Podcast: Evolve to Win, Episode 59

Do you know what really drives you to take action? Part one of a seven-part series.

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