A Destination for Design

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A design hub called The Collective is ushering the Naples Design District into a new era. The new, 68,000-square-foot space offers a mix of products and services representing the whole home design cycle—from architecture and planning to interior design and decor—in one approachable place.

Developer Randy Kurtz of Kurtz Homes Naples brought the building to life with Stofft Cooney Architects and DeAngelis Diamond.

“Randy accumulated the property and had a vision not to have a massive design center like you would see in Fort Lauderdale, but large enough to meet a happy medium,” John Cooney of Stofft Cooney Architects says.

The multistory setting features a four-level parking garage and a mix of contemporary and industrial architecture. Striking elements, including a steel staircase and water feature, greet guests on the first floor, and Southwest Florida sunlight bursts through floor-to-ceiling windows with multiple terraces and balconies to boot.

The Collective is a creative catalyst for builders, architects, interior designers, home furnishings and art.

“Natural light is huge in our design world, so we have expansive glass,” Cooney says. “A lot of times, we’ll bring products outside in the sun to get full color.”

The second floor, known as The Studio, has 21 individual spaces for businesses, ranging from 95 to 291 square feet. An extended studio space offers 51,158 square feet and six additional spaces. Tenants can take advantage of the indoor/ outdoor setup and a large conference room, open seating areas and a bar for refreshments. Customers can walk from showroom to showroom and explore more offerings through touch- screens at each business.

First-floor tenants have a lot to take advantage of, too, from larger showroom spaces and 20-foot ceilings to sidewalks with a cantilevered overhang in the northwest corner. “It’s the prime space in the building,” Kurtz says.

Method & Concept, a gallery, art consultancy and design atelier, moved from its original Naples Design District location to be a part of the communal space.

“The Collective is a creative catalyst for everything related to home—builders, architects, interior designers, home furnishings and art—and put it all under one roof right in our neighborhood,” says Chad Jensen, founding director of Method & Concept.

Cohesion was a key reason for creating The Collective.

“When you look at what was happening with the design district, you had these sporadic buildings that were being developed, and the city was promoting it strongly, but there was no cohesiveness to it,” Cooney says.

As of August, 75% of the building had leased out, with more developments underway. The Collective may include a pop-up space and restaurant in the future. Industry, charity and other events will also take place, such as the building’s grand opening, to be held Nov. 12. The evening will include an art dedication for a one-of-a-kind stone composite sculpture by Israeli-born artist Arik Levy, which graces the front main entrance of the building.

Jensen is just one of the tenants excited for the future possibilities The Collective will bring. “We’re evolving into more of a design district model where there is a little more flavor mixed in,” he says, “and that enhances the overall experience.”


Photo Credit: Caronchi Photography



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