Americans Would Agree to Pay Cuts to Work Remotely

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Would you trade less pay for the ability to work from home?

If you answered “yes,” you’re with a majority of Americans, suggests a recent study.

According to a working paper by Amanda Pallais of Harvard University and Alexander Mas of Princeton University, 80 percent of workers are willing to take an 8 percent pay cut in order to work from home versus an office with no pay deductions.

The duo surveyed 7,000 individuals who applied for telephone interviewer positions they posted on national and metro job search platforms. Applicants could choose between two job descriptions: one with a flexible schedule and ability to work from home, and another with a baseline pay for 40 hours of work per week in office.

The research suggests workers are generally willing to earn lower wages in order to work from home, yet, the paper shows, only 9 percent of hourly workers have the option to do so.

Can more employers benefit from acknowledging this preference? For more information, click here and here


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