Celebrate Company Wins Creatively

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A business owner should never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. Employees who are consistently praised for their efforts tend to feel more motivated and dedicated to the business, which leads to improved office morale. Here are creative ways to celebrate wins within the workplace.

Demonstrate company culture

Think about qualities that make up your company culture and try to reinforce those values when celebrating. For instance, if a certain office values fun, employers can take the team bowling or mini-golfing after a big win. They can also rejoice over a smaller accomplishment with a comedic movie and some popcorn in the conference room on a slow afternoon.

Help employees recognize one another

Performance bonuses are a standard, always appreciated way to say “thank you,” but what if your employees had the power to reward one another with something tangible? Employees can take a cue from online retailer Zappos and install a bonus program that lets workers honor each other’s extra efforts with small monetary amounts.

Publicly acknowledge efforts at weekly meetings

Taking time during a meeting to recognize each employee’s accomplishments—no matter how big or small—can set the tone for a positive week ahead. Plus, it’s inclusive to everybody and complete cost-free.

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