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The Charlotte County Board of Commissioners gave final site-plan approval for two, three-unit multifamily buildings and a 12,000-square-foot auto restoration and repair building in Port Charlotte. 

The project site is on 1.94 acres at 130 Yorkshire St. off Veterans Boulevard. 

Engineer Mary Sprague represented the applicant, Thomas D’Aprile, who has built condos and two other auto repair and restoration garages in the area.  

D’Aprile said there will be three 1,200-square-foot condos in each of the two buildings. What makes them unique is the condos sit above recreational vehicle-sized garages. 

“I wanted to put living quarters above the homes,” he said. He explained that the motorhome owner won’t have to live in one place and travel to a storage unit for access to their RV. 

Each condo will have one large bedroom and two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. 

The auto repair building will be used mainly to restore old vehicles. D’Aprile’s son, also named Thomas, will work on the vehicles. 

The senior D’Aprile’s automotive business has operated in Port Charlotte since 1980 at 19800 Veterans Blvd. 

The new facility will offer space for more vehicle work, D’Aprile said. Repairs also will be made at the new facility, but restoration is the specialty that will take place at the planned Sir Thomas Carriage Park. 

D’Aprile didn’t provide a timeline for completion of the condos and automotive facility. He said the price of the condos will end up being based off his construction costs. 

Lord Chesterfield Construction Inc. will build the projects.  

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