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Collier County is seeking developers’ proposals for multifamily developments with affordable and workforce housing that can be considered for local and state funding. 

The Board of County Commissioners has funds available and is requesting applications for developments that meet county goals, including increasing the availability of affordable workforce housing units. The state estimates the county has a shortage of about 49,399 units. 

The county will provide “Local Government Support” to assist in the construction, rehabilitation and permanent financing of multifamily housing developments and anticipates it has sufficient funds for one applicant. Proposed alternative resident programs or developments that include unit and development amenities are welcomed.  

The county’s median rent is $2,230, while the affordable-unit vacancy rate is only 1.2%, and the median price to purchase condos and single-family homes is a hefty $571,500, according to the county’s Affordable Housing Fact sheet. Many employees can’t afford to live in Collier, where 52,749 workers commute there daily, including nearly 30% from the East Coast. 

Among applicant requirements are:  

  • The development must be located within unincorporated Collier County or within its municipalities. 
  • The applicant must prove it has control or owns the site. 
  • The set-aside of rental units must be equal to or greater than standards for low-income Housing Tax Credits or the applicable FHFC program. 
  • The applicant must show evidence authorizing the proposed use of the property. 
  • The applicant must commit to an affordability period of 99 years. 

Applications will be reviewed by the 11-member county Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, which will make recommendations to County Manager Amy Patterson. The county manager will decide whether to provide “Local Government Support” for developments applying for Florida Housing Finance Corp., or FHFC, funding and seeking Local Government Area of Opportunity Funding. 

The maximum amount of Local Government Support loans that may be applied for under the county’s Notice of Fund Availability, or NOFA, is the amount that will allow developers’ projects to score maximum points and preference for Local Government Area of Opportunity Funding. 

The loan amount will depend upon requirements detailed within FHFC RFA 2024-201 but is anticipated to be $460,000 from county Home Ship or Local Housing Trust funds. 

A commitment letter to provide financing will only be issued if the applicant satisfies the general requirements, submits a timely, complete and acceptable application and complies with all procedures and requirements. However, the county reserves the right to impose additional requirements. 

Developers are barred from contacting commissioners or AHAC members after the NOFA is issued and until the AHAC makes its recommendation to the county manager. Violation of this prohibition will disqualify the applicant and its developments. 

Applications must be received by noon June 7. For information on the process and requirements, click here.  

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