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Getting to work on time
 can be a daily struggle. Between making a necessary cup of coffee and gathering your belongings, sitting in a traffic jam is the last thing you need to start your day off right. Waze makes your commute efficient and stress-free with
 its community-edited maps that show current traffic jams and accidents—before you’re stuck in the middle of them. This free app navigates your new route based off of real-time traffic to get you to work as quickly as possible.


The days of searching for your car in a maze full of vehicles are long gone thanks to Find My Car. This app uses GPS location services and Augmented Reality technology to lead you directly to your destination. Pin the location of your car once it’s parked, and find it quickly and easily when you come back. Follow the virtual arrows on the phone’s screen and you will be back in the driver’s seat in no time. Free.


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