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Scanner Pro

Time to toss those huge hardware scanners and replace them with a mobile device. Scanner Pro uses a built-in iOS camera to take pictures of a paper document. The technology automatically detects the edges, fixes geometry, and removes shadows and other visual defects to make a per- fect scan. Paper documents, receipts, checks, agreements, rentals, dashboards—it takes just a few taps, and you have a good-looking PDF file in seconds. For iPhone and iPad only.


Yes, there are still companies that require hourly workers to punch a clock. TSheets is offering a different approach with its time-tracking and scheduling platform that allows employees to clock in and out with ease—via computer, tablet, iPhone or Android app, or even a phone call, text or tweet. For employers and managers, TSheets ensures accountability and accuracy with GPS, overtime alerts, and a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and other top third-party applications.


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