Cool Apps: KanbanFlow & Gusto

Whoever coined the term “it’s all in the details” was likely referring to the success of a business. But managing all the specifics of a small company with just a few leaders can be difficult. Enter KanbanFlow, a web-based app that lets users organize tasks, schedule due dates, upload documents and more. A built-in time-management feature also keeps employers focused on open projects. Other staffers can access the app as well to increase communication and productivity. Free basic version.

Accounting is a necessary evil of any business, but Gusto is designed to help lighten the number load. The mobile app can calculate and file payroll taxes and automate insurance benefits; send digital pay stubs to workers; store employee accounts, tax forms, digital signatures and more. Ideal for small companies, the app frees up an employer’s time to focus on other parts of his or her business. Starts at $69 per month.