Cool Tools

Introducing the Lead Slim Brief and August Smart Lock.

What We’re Wearing

Sleek, versatile and spacious. It’s a great combination and ideally defines the Lead Slim Brief offered by Solo. The New York-based company makes briefcases and backpacks of
all shapes and sizes with a minimalist theme. The slim brief version packs much into a stylish, lightweight travel companion. The padded compartment holds 11- to 15.6-inch PC laptops and 11- to 15-inch MacBooks. Back and shoulder straps, a storage sleeve and outside “hidden” zippered pocket are included. It’s perfect for travel, work or school needs. $49.

—James Raia

Did I remember to lock the door? Most of us
 have asked that question once we’re on the road, sometimes promoting a hasty return to find the answer. With the August Smart Lock, there’s
 no longer a need to second-guess yourself. The technology senses when you’ve shut the door and automatically locks it. EverLock hardware replaces the interior portion of your deadbolt and is battery-powered. It also allows you to control access to your home. $199.