Cool Tools

The Scalys TrustBox and SOLE Tri-Sole Insoles.

The Scalys TrustBox is a high-grade secure router and Internet of Things gateway for safe and trusted communication with the connected world. It secures the communication and connectivity of connected devices up to a military grade of security. The product won the Best of Innovation Award for Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas. 


Maybe your favorite pair of shoes or boots looks great but doesn’t have the best support, and your feet always hurt. Don’t throw out those beauties. SOLE Tri-Sole Insoles help alleviate aches and pains. Three zones of cushioning and extra padding provide all-day comfort. There’s also flexible arch support for foot stabilization. Gel drops reduce impact and absorb shock. Available in two men’s and women’s sizes. $13.99.

—James Raia