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The Estero Planning, Zoning and Design Board unanimously approved a development order for the construction of a 21,800-square-foot Goodwill store on a 2.69-acre vacant parcel at the southeast corner of Corkscrew Road and Three Oaks Parkway in Estero Town Commons. 

The move from Goodwill’s current location is due to outgrowing its current facility in Estero about a half mile from the new site at 10351 Corkscrew Commons Drive.  

Seagate Development Group is developing the site, initially coming before the board in February for a public information meeting. Some concerns the board had when first presented was the lack of architectural enhancements on the rear of the building.  

“This is fairly similar to what was presented back in February, the changes are relatively minor,” said Jack Morris, engineer for the project. 

There is enhanced landscaping on the rear of the building, addressing previous aesthetic concerns of the board.  

Since February, the developer received approval from South Florida Water Management District, so the detention areas are in their final form and provide the required stormwater treatment for the site. 

There will be no dumpster enclosure since the use of the store doesn’t require a dumpster full time. “We have that approval from solid waste indicating acceptability for that,” Morris said, “but we have preserved that location in case it’s ever needed in the future.” 

Zachary Smith with GMA Architects expanded on there being no dumpster usage on the site at the current time. “They recycle everything,” he said. “They take everything back from plastics to metals, they’ve got a facility back to their headquarters that handles all that.” 

Staff recommended approval with three stipulations, the first being the submission of a replat of Tract A. The proposed project lies on the western portion of the platted Estero Town Commons Tract A, which was improperly split, so the site must be replatted to split Tract A into two lots before the development order application is approved.   

The second stipulation states the developer of the parcel is responsible for their proportionate share of the cost of signalization of the intersection at Corkscrew Road and Estero Town Commons Place prior to any development order. 

The third stipulation states if any of the retained 58 trees worthy of preservation don’t survive the site construction, then replacement trees must be planted in accordance with a landscape plan approved by the village. 

“As far as the trees worthy of preservation, there are a total of 19 that are being relocated and 12 that are proposed to be removed and replaced,” Village Development Review Manager Jim Hart said. 

The development is expected to generate 1,388 weekday trips, but there is no transportation level of service issue. 

There is no monument sign proposed for the site, as signage will be on the building itself. There also will be bike racks and a plaza area in front of the building entrance for public seating. 

The development order will not be issued until Village Council has approved the replat and until the proportionate share of the cost of signalization has been paid. 

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