Entrepreneurialism Doesn't Always Have to Feel Lonely

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Entrepreneur life can be a solitary life, especially when you’re constantly hyper-focused and working varied hours everyday to achieve a dream of your own. However, you can still make room for meaningful social interaction, Forbes says. Here’s how.

Meet with other entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs tend to experience a range of emotions when building a business, from confidence and frustration to excitement and insecurity. No one understands that rollercoaster of feelings better than a fellow entrepreneur. You can meet likeminded innovators virtually or in person at networking events or commonly used resource centers.

Make time for deeper relationships

It’s important to build relationships within the community if your business depends on it, but be careful not to focus so much on surface-level acquaintances that they take away from core relationships. You’ll need your close friends and family around to support your endeavors, so consider swapping out one networking event per month for a long lunch with a loved one instead.

Seek out your mentor

Chances are at one point your mentor has also experienced loneliness as an entrepreneur. Consider opening up to him or her about your feelings so he or she can help you develop long-term strategies for balancing your work and personal life.

Remember your purpose

No matter what, you need to know you’re never going to have a consistently perfect balance of social and work life and you may lose friends in the process of trying to maintain one. This may lead to self-doubt, but if you feel that constant desire to create and innovate, don't risk feeling unfulfilled by shutting that side of yourself off. Do your best to stay connected so personal hardships don’t defeat your professional purpose.

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