Author Preneurships – How to Make Money as an Author – Sell What You Write


March 14, 2019 to March 14, 2019
06:00 PM untill 08:00 PM


Author Preneurships - How to Make Money as an Author - Sell What You Write

There are more ways than ever to become a published author.... and more ways than ever to make money at it. Whether you want to make your mark as a traditionally published author or join the growing ranks of those earning income as an independent publisher, we'll show you how. From books to articles to ghostwriting to copywriting, you will learn the techniques and tips to help you earn more money as a writer.  

Topics Covered Include:

  • What is the state of the market today? What's selling, who's buying, and where are they?
  • The good and bad truth about being an income seeking writer. Writing, publishing, marketing, and promotion have all changed. Learn how you must change.
  • What are the best topics with the biggest demand to write about?
  • Why everyone needs an editor and why you can't edit your work by yourself.
  • Why you must be prepared to market your own work...even if you want to publish traditionally.
  • How to know if you need an author's platform website and what to include in it if you do.
  • Why the hucksters who promise big money as an author overnight are (mostly) wrong.
  • How to price your work?
  • Why your skills as a writer are not enough and what else you need to do to make money writing.
  • The Gold Rush Syndrome and what it means for you as a writer.
  • All these thinks and more are included in this value-packed 2 hour workshop.

Speaker:  Jack Dunigan

For more than four decades, Jack Dunigan has been leading, consulting, training, and writing.  His experience is varied and comprehensive.  His training and consulting clients are as varied as the Chief Justice of the Navajo Supreme Court to a top-rated campsite management company.  But his advice is not merely academic.  His blog - - is focused on practical advice for leaders and managers of businesses, corporations, non-profit agencies, families, organizations, departments, anywhere and anytime a person leads others.


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