Creating Effective Facebook Ads


April 06, 2019 to April 06, 2019
09:30 AM untill 11:30 AM


Facebook has the biggest reach of all the social media platforms AND, arguably, the most powerful targeting capabilities. As a result, Facebook advertising can play a significant role in helping you to:

•           Increase your reach to current and future fans

•           Build engagement with fans and visitors to your Facebook business page

•           Prospect for new customers/clients

During this seminar we will:

•           Conduct a quick review of Facebook marketing fundamentals

•           Discuss Facebook’s targeting capabilities

•           Introduce the concept of “Personas” and how to use them

•           Compare “boosting a post” to creating an ad in Facebook

•           Analyze the key elements of an effective Facebook ad

•           Explore Facebook analytics and how to use them to improve your marketing

Attendees at this seminar will leave with:

•           Knowledge of the key elements in creating an effective Facebook ad

•           The ability to create and use personas for your business

•           Awareness of Facebook’s targeting capabilities

•           A better understanding of Facebook’s analytics




Barbara Langdon






Barbara Langdon is the owner of Marketing Momentum LLC, Barbara is an acknowledged social media expert. She has been helping small companies for 15 years to succeed using email and social media marketing to grow sales and profits, not least by increasing customer retention and referrals.

Barbara worked for Constant Contact on extending their educational reach by creating the Authorized Local Experts program, now a key component of Constant Contact’s local success strategy.



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