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1. Now in its seventh year, the conference addresses a variety of issues that directly impact the world, including education, health care, children, the arts, science and technology, the economy, medicine, society and the environment.

2. The full-day agenda provides an opportunity to listen, learn and interact with Nobel laureates, heads of major health care organizations, leaders in the highest levels of business, futurists, social entrepreneurs, artists, adventurers, educators and scientists who have earned a national reputation for understanding critical issues and articulating the manner in which those concerns will impact our lives for years to come.

3. Since the founding of Naples-based Searching for Solutions Institute in 2008, CEO Randy Antik has enticed more than 300 prominent and world-renowned thought leaders to participate in the Imagine Solutions Conference held annually in Naples.

4. The event setting allows accessibility to all of the speakers and creates an environment for networking with an estimated “600 powerful people,” including 58 Fortune 500 CEOs, private sector and government leaders, executive directors from the nonprofit community and key representatives from public and private schools as well as colleges and universities.

5. The conference includes sessions that feature “adventurers, change makers, great influencers (from Washington, D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood), children’s health and voices for the arts”—all hosted by Tyler Mathisen of CNBC. 


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