From The Desk of Karl Smesko

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GO EAGLES! In his 14 seasons as head coach of the women’s basketball team, Karl Smesko has logged a remarkable 378-73 (.838) record. And we were on the edge of our seats this year when the Eagles made it to the Women’s National Invitation Tournament finals in Vermillion, South Dakota, falling short of victory but still making Southwest Florida proud—again. The women’s team has played in conference championships (NCAA included) several times under Smesko’s leadership, earning him numerous awards and placing FGCU in the national spotlight.

1. Plaques commemorating coaching awards he has won.

2. DVD stack of coaching videos.

3. 2013 birthday gift from his team. Each player did the “Wings Up” with her hand; They cut them out and framed it for him.

4. Coconut painted white as a gift for the successful 2011 season.

5. Legal pad used for taking notes, primarily while watching game film.

6.Stack of most recent (this year) coaching articles and notes.

7. Laptop, which is connected to the TV to watch game film.

8. Notes on FGCU’s academic programs/season stats/ offensive principles


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