From the Desk of Marcia Dorolek

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Most realtors would agree that selling homes is not an in-office profession. The job entails a lot of windshield time, as agents and brokers interact with sellers and buyers at various property sites.

That means, among other things, an office on wheels. For an example of such a setup, we checked in with Marcia Dorolek, a broker-associate with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate who has more than 20 years of real estate experience and marketing expertise.

1. I realize in this day and age having a table-top printer may seem odd, but it comes in handy. There are still a few customers out there who don’t have a computer and/or printer, don’t e-sign, don’t know how to scan and email a document you need, and, yes, few who want a hard copy.

2. Cooler with refreshments and snacks. You often have limited time with people and are on a tight schedule when showing homes. It helps to make the best use of their time, plus it seems to put them at ease when you have a picnic in the car.

3. File box with miscellaneous office items, sales and listing contracts, presentation packets, etc.

4. Sale pending stickers—don’t want to waste any time getting those put up.

5. The folding chair is for unfurnished open houses. 


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