From the Desk of: Renée Gaddis

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RENÉE GADDIS has been a recognized name in interior design since 1999, transforming homes and other spaces around Southwest Florida. As president of Naples-based Renée Gaddis Interiors, she works within a diverse lifestyle portfolio, ranging from coastal, contemporary and transitional to unique commercial spaces. Gaddis has received several Pinnacle awards from the Collier County Building Association and took top honors last year, winning a Grand Aurora Award for her work at Moraya Bay. Gaddis is also a leading advocate for children with heart disease and spearheads fundraising efforts for research annually through the American Heart Association.

Here are some special things she keeps in her office:

1 Laptop—A necessity for constant communication with clients and builders.
2: Family photos—Renée’s favorite people in the world.
3 Interior design books—Where Renée gets her inspiration for daily design.
4: Peonies—Renée’s favorite flowers.
5: Maitland Smith candle holder—Renée loves mixing snakes into designs in homes.
6: Velvet chairs with brass nail head—One of Renée’s favorite textured fabrics to use for upholstery.


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